Writer's Procrastination ~ Think like a Pro ~ chapter 5B

 What’s the greatest monster that writers face in every writing session? 

Writer’s Block. 

Yet Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Our work stoppages manifest in three ways. 

This episode looks at Writer’s Procrastination ~ caused by two different fears.

Discover how to overcome those fears.

Take a quiz to determine which type of work stoppage that you have.

And remember, Writer’s Block doesn’t exist. It’s actually something else.

The current three episodes are taken from Think like a Pro by M.A. Lee, chapter 5: One Simple Injunction ~ Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist … not if you are a Pro with your writing.

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Think like a Pro by M.A. Lee

Guiding Lamp edition https://www.amazon.com/Think-like-Pro-Advent-Writers/dp/1983248266/

Floral edition https://www.amazon.com/Think-like-Pro-Advent-Writers-ebook/dp/B07DYMYQNJ/ 

Think / Pro Planner for Writers

Guiding Lamp edition https://www.amazon.com/Think-Pro-Planner-M-Lee/dp/1983248673/

Dean Wesley Smith

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