Think like a Pro / Aristotle Rocks Story / 4 B

  What can a man over 2400 years old tell us about story?

More than most people think.

He's tells us quite a lot ... 

since every new and modern writing term

 is merely a re-thinking of the concepts 

that he worked on over 2,000 years ago.

Last episode, we looked Aristotle's essentials for dramatic structure, which creates a character-illuminated plot.

This episode delves into Aristotle's essential characters. Aristotle has the rocks for our foundational characters.

  • Protagonist (secrets and ghosts)
  • Antagonist
    • 5 types of conflict
    • 5 simple villains
    • 5 not-simple villains
  • Deuteragonist
  • Tritagonist
  • Chorus
    • 3 purposes of chorus characters
    • 10 side characters who provide the purpose of chorus characters
  • deus ex machina
    • coincidence and its problems
    • foreshadowing's importance
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We delve quite a lot into Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Euripedes' Medea. People are often wary of launching into the usual Euripedes translation. For years, I taught Robinson Jeffers' "translation" (it's actually a re-thinking) to 9th graders at all levels. Easy to read and to follow. Concord Theatricals quotes the New York Daily News which said that it "won cheers and thirteen curtain calls".  Also from NY Daily News ~

 Judith Anderson (who performed Jeffers' play in its first performance) was triumphant as Medea in New York, winning the Tony Award as Best Actress. Critics and audiences alike agreed that this adaptation of the Greek classic reaffirms Jeffers' preeminent place among modern poets. 

You can find Robinson Jeffers' translation at this ABE Books link (used) or this one online (which may be an illegal version) or here at Amazon (claims to be new but has the same cover version as the used). 

Old Geeky Greeks  by M.A. Lee:

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